Trader Co-Pilot

Trader Co-Pilot powered by Augmented Intelligence empowering Clients in pre-trade decision making to spot opportunities, optimize positions, leverage strength, manage risks and maximize profitability

Augmented Intelligence in Trading

  • Pre-Trade actionable market data
  • Forward Price Curve Graphs
  • Futures Price Curve Graphs
  • Snapshot monitor covering Global markets

Automated Daily Refinery Margin Calculations

  • User configurable
  • Automated Refinery Margin Calculations
  • Automated Graphs

Augmented Intelligence in Shipping

  • Dirty freight graphs
  • Clean freight graphs
  • LPG freight graphs

Cargo Optimization

  • Crude Cargoes
  • Naphtha Cargo
  • Jet Cargo
  • LPG Cargoes

Arbitrage Reports

  • US Crude to Global markets
  • Crude Arb to USGC from Global markets
  • Med Gasoline to Global markets
  • Med Naphtha to Global markets
  • LPG to Global Markets
  • Crude Arb to India from Global Markets
  • Gasoil from India to Global Markets
  • Jet from ME to Global Markets