15% of global oil/gas companies (like Shell, BP, Vitol, Glencore, Trafigura.. etc) generally earn billions of dollars in profits every year, trading & optimizing every cargo every day

Balance 85% of global oil/gas companies have significant scope to catch up with the 15%, resulting in exponentially higher profits

Skarvi Systems was started in 2019 to bridge the gap empowering the 85% group to earn billions of dollars by spotting opportunities, optimizing positions, leveraging strength, exploiting volatility, managing risks and maximizing profitability

Software products

Skarvi empowers clients with five software products powered by augmented intelligence, built with 25+ years real life experience in the global oil/gas industry

1. Navigator : a complete enterprise class energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solution

2. Trader co-pilot :  a truly disruptive technology empowering clients in pre-trade decision making and post-trade cargo optimization

3. Fleet compass : a comprehensive solution for ship management

4. Demurrage manager : a comprehensive solution to manage demurrage exposure

5. Demand decoder : an astute solution to manage, forecast, optimize and leverage the retail distribution & industrial demand for products


1. Skarvi familiarizes client team in trading & optimization potential with bespoke business plan identifying tangible targets with timelines

2. Skarvi walks with the client, shoulder to shoulder, to achieve  the client objectives

3. One objective, one goal, for everyone reaping full potential of trading & optimization profits


1. Existing resources of the client will be analysed for their interest, skill set and talent

2. Tailor-made training, factoring in the client’s unique business model, empowering client’s existing resources to acquire the required skills for trading & optimizing, every cargo every day

3. Developing trading team to reach full potential of trading & optimization profits

Foolproof system

1. In the trading world, decades of hard work may be destroyed by actions of few in a short period of time, resulting in huge unexpected sudden losses and bankruptcies, accumulated  over a period of time

2. 25 years of practical experience in global oil/gas industry moulded as checks and balances  in navigator and trader co-pilot

3. Skarvi facilitates automated daily reports to management flagging potential inconsistency for prompt and immediate corrective action

4. Automated reports to auditors, banks and insurance companies with summary of potential inconsistencies significantly reducing the probability of unexpected and sudden huge losses

About Us

Skarvi Systems was founded with a singular vision: To create the world’s leading Trading Solutions powered by the latest technology.  To achieve this vision Skarvi brings to the market the world’s only ETRM solutions designed and built by Traders for Traders & Risk Managers.

Leveraging on over 30 years of Trading experience in the Oil & Gas Industry, Skarvi’s founders have embedded the very tools, knowledge and rich functionality they once required as Head Traders, Risk Manager, and Operators into the solutions.  This depth of knowledge has lent itself to functionality designed to empower Traders and Risk Managers with poignant information presented in simple usable reports and screens.

This shift in the ETRM paradigm is furthered with the Augmented Intelligence Analytics which deliver deep and impactful data to traders allowing them to optimize their positions, provide pre-trade decision analytics, and arbitrage their positions against current market conditions and changes. 

Why Choose Us

No Trader joins a company with the intention of losing millions of dollars, but the Oil Industry is complex and volatile. Skarvi Systems’ innovative use of technology equips Traders and Management with the right information at the right time to empower decision-making in a high-stakes environment.

Traders and Management expend valuable time and effort extracting data from multiple channels. The Skarvi Team, with their decades of experience in the oil industry, will streamline relevant information focused on your core business to enable maximal gains with minimal effort.

Skarvi’s Professional Services Teams are backed by by 25 years of experience in Physical Oil Trading & Risk Management. Our Solution Architects leverage on this depth of experience to craft “tailor-made” processes, and system designs  for each of our Client’s unique requirements .  Factoring in the risk profile, targets and workflows, and leveraging powerful modern technology to maximize Profitability and Minimize system risk.                       

Skarvi also offers a unique Post-implementation support model in which, Skarvi walks with the Client through the system both from a usability, and training standpoint  for as long as required to assist users get familiar with all the modules.  This dedicated hands on approach allows our clients to apply the full power of  Navigator & Trader Co-Pilot in order to meet their needs and goal.

Trader Co-Pilot

Trader Co-Pilot powered by Augmented Intelligence empowering Clients in pre-trade decision making to spot opportunities, optimize positions, leverage strength, manage risks and maximize profitability

Augmented Intelligence in Trading

  • Pre-Trade Interactive Market Mgt
  • Forward Price Curve Graphs
  • Futures Price Curve Graphs
  • Snapshot Manager




Automated Daily Refinery Margin Calculations

  • Refinery Margin Mgt.

  • Automated Refinery Margin Calculations
  • Automated Graphs


Augmented Intelligence in Shipping

  • Dirty Freight Reports
  • Clean Freight Reports.
  • LPG Freight Reports




Cargo Optimization

  • Crude Cargoes
  • Naphtha Cargo
  • Jet Cargo
  • LPG Cargoes


Arbitrage Reports

  • US Crude – Global Markets
  • Crude Arb – USGC from Global Markets
  • Med Gasoline to Global markets

  • Med Naphtha to Global markets
  • LPG to Global Markets
  • Crude Arb – India from Global Markets
  • Gasoil from India to Global Markets
  • Jet from ME to Global Markets

Demurrage Manager

A comprehensive Solution to Manage Demurrage Exposure

Automated Calculations

  • Demurrage Payable
  • Demurrage Receivable



  • Basis Claims Prepared Date for Demurrage Payable and Receivable
  • Based on Cargo BL Dates for Demurrage Payable and Receivable
    Based on Claim Outstanding Days for
  • Demurrage Payable and Receivable
  • Counterparty Demurrage Exposure
  • Demurrage Exposure Forecast

Follow-up Notes

  • Add Follow-up Notes
  • View Follow-up Notes


Supporting Documents

  • Add Supporting Documents
  • View/Download Supporting Documents


Fleet Compass

An innovative Solution for Ship Management

Fleet Additions

  • Owned Ships
  • Time Chartered Ships



Voyage Monitor

  • Rangefinder – Estimates Vs Actual Costs
  • Voyage P&L
  • Bunker Prices API – Snapshot – Bunkering Viewfinder comparing Global Bunker Prices for VLSFO, MGO, IFO380


  • Bunkering
  • Vessel Maintenance
  • Survey




  • Demurrage Exposure Forecast
  • Vessel Position Map
  • Demurrage Manager

Charter Out

  • Own Cargo – Time-Charter – Spot Charter
  • Voyage Estimates
  • Voyage Actuals



Skarvi Consulting

Companies looking to reduce Cost by doing same job with lesser human resources.

Based on S.W.O.T analysis, Skarvi Consulting empowers Clients to do more with existing resources, to trade  Crude & Products Globally.

Bespoke Consulting, factoring-in the unique strengths, challenges, leverages and assets of Clients.

Detailed assessment of scope of Consulting – one-to-one meeting with all Traders globally.

Bespoke Business Plan, consistent with Client’s Risk Limits.

Passionate, Personalized, Cost-Effective.

Our Team

Ramanathan Ravi

Ramanathan Ravi

Founder & Managing Director

Anand Rangaswami

Anand Rangaswami

Investor & Consultant for Business Strategy

Clients Feedback

Take A Look At What Our Happy Customers And Industry Leaders Are Saying.

The Skarvi software is the most user friendly deal capture software I have seen in 30 years of trading energy and physical commodities. This will bring a step up in productivity by simplification and integration. The process follows the natural flow of transacting from the first deal recap all the way through to checking and auditing results. It was clearly developed by people who understood day to day trading operations and they have achieved their aim of eliminating errors by traders while saving time for Contract Admin & Operations personnel. The trading and financial control functions are all integrated and clear. The innovative automation in the documentation and operational nominations as well as key date reminders are a great help particularly in this time of remote working. The speed of reaction to questions and the ability to customise is excellent. The live market pricing functions are useful and again are intuitively easy to use. The medium term cost structure appear very competitive.

Trading Head of a UK based Oil Company

I have been involved in implementation of ETRM. Skarvi ETRM significantly exceeds my expectation when I came into this Demo. Excellent Product.

Senior Crude Oil Trader, US Oil Trader

Skarvi ETRM is really amazing. The user friendly modules are very impressive.

General Manager at US Oil Refiner

Skarvi ETRM addresses the pain points in Oil Trading and excellently covers all aspects of an efficient execution. I wish, Skarvi ETRM was available in 2018.

COO at Middle East NOC

our overall feedback on Skarvi software is very positive. We see the potential of the system.

Trader, Med Refiner

Very impressive Demo, significantly useful Modules covering all aspects of Refining and Trading.

Indian Refiner

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